About Us
Who we are
The Columbiana County Centaur R/C Club was founded in 1972. From the
original 7 members, it has grown to have a roster of over 75 members.
The members vary in age from 8 to 80, and represent a broad cross
section of vocations.
Our Interests
Some of our members are dedicated to fine craftsmanship, creating
models that mimic full scale aircraft down to the smallest detail. Others
only care about the thrill of flying. Many enjoy the sport through casual
weekend activity, while others push themselves to learn the intricacies of
pattern and 3D flight.
We organize and hold several AMA events each year, from local Fun-Flys at
the flying field, to Water-Flys at Guilford Lake. The public is encouraged to
come and participate both during these events, and at any time at the flying
field.  Usually we will have refreshments available.
A listing of upcoming events is
Photos of past events can be seen
Columbiana County Centaur R/C Club
AMA Charter 2646
The club formally meets second Thursday of the month for the scheduled
months. . The next meeting date and place are
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