Club Overview
Are you Interested in Flying Radio Control Aircraft?
The Columbiana County Centaur R/C Club is devoted to continuing 
the hobby and sport of model aircraft building and flying.

Who we are:
The Columbiana County Centaur R/C Club was founded in 1972. From 
the original 7 members, it has grown to currently have a roster of over 
35 members. The members vary in age from youngsters to senior 
citizens, and represent a broad cross section of vocations.

Our Interests:
Some of our members are dedicated to fine craftsmanship, creating 
models that mimic full scale aircraft down to the smallest detail.
Others only care about the thrill of flying. Many enjoy the sport
through casual weekend activity, while others push themselves to 
learn the intricacies of pattern and 3D flight. We accept all type of RC 
aircraft including both fuel/electric powered, airplanes, helicopters
and drones.

Centaur RC Club was recently named an AMA Gold Leader Club!

Are you wondering what an AMA Gold Leader Club is? Then click here!